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Booking Capability - LIVE

New functionality - Booking Capability

The booking capability for the OpenAPI was on our roadmap from early days on. Honestly, we thought it would be easier and work way quicker but were taught differently.

It is, hoewever, a major milestone and we are happy to have reached it!

The OpenAPI booking capability is live starting today!

We are again looking for new ventures/startups interested to take their first steps in air travel and are no travel agents or travel tech companies (highly recommending the NDC offering from LHG for your needs - see our post about the NDC Partner Program)

Partners looking for access: please complete our adopted Typeform here! The form is a slightly altered version of the "fares and availabilities" form and will now be used for either registration.

Early on, the booking capability will only be available for the UK market (flights to and from UK) but we are ramping up other markets soon!

Furthermore, as with fares and availabilities, we are targeting startups and ventures rather new to travel who are no travel agencies or travel tech providers. 

Register here for the booking capabilty

If you have any questions please contact us via the contact form, send a mail to or text us via Twitter!