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New data, partnering and kick back model to start 2017!

Exciting times ahead at Lufthansa Open API

A year of growth comes to an end and I’m very proud of what our team has achieved:

  • More than 118 Million API calls, which is more than the number of passengers traveling with our group around the globe!
  • Crossing the 1000 developer signups
  • Our first public partnership with Flightstats in March!

Graph: Total API calls

2017 is going to start with an already announced release of new data from fares, availability and deep linking for Eurowings, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines. It took us some time but as fares and availabilities are at the core of an airline, things needed further approval rounds!

Kickback for data integration

From mid of January 2017 on we will offer a variety of fare calls from all fares for a specific date, lowest fare for a specific date to best fare in a period.

For all we do offer the same response structure looking like in the Postman picture below:

API response structure
More information will soon follow within our documentation at

Within the response structure you will find 2 sections, the AirShoppingRS and the Meta part. For those, familiar with IATA’s NDC (New distribution capability the AirShoppingRS part is heavily based on equivalent part within NDC standard.

In AirShoppingRS you find some general information about the offer, the offer itself (OffersGroup) and the corresponding traveller/flight segment information (DataLists).
The latter part of the response, Meta, is filled with deep links to the offers in the respective portals for customer booking purposes (in case of the picture to….)

New partner model

Together with fares, we are also introducing a new partner model. To be able to consume our fare data, we do want you to give us some further information about your company and the service you are providing. This means you have to complete the questionaire here. We will then check your information come back to you individually with next steps.

Please be ensured, that we will answer all of your registrations asap and are well aware that this model is not a scaleable solution. Evolving from this first humble steps is besides the new data, at the core of our interests!

Speaking of partners

As fares are shared with various providers in different contexts by our group, the open API has its own distribution segment.

We are looking for partners with B2C services that are not metasearcher, traveltech provider or companies that own a IATA designator for travel agencies. If you consider yourself as one of above mentioned, I may forward your inquiry to the respective department within our group for further steps. If not, happy to discuss next steps!

The kickback model

Furthermore the new partner model, also comes with a compensation that is inline with affiliate marketing compensation modell! Each Lufthansa fare information comes with a personalized deep link that forwards to for booking of the offer. If the deep link leads to a booking on we compensate your efforts.
The principle is nearly the same as within affiliate marketing where the last cookie resulting in a purchase is rewarded with a kick back.

More for 2017 …

As fares and deep linking are just the start, we are working on expanding the functionalities and are tackling booking integration, ticket servicing and loyalty information.

Stay tuned for more …

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

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