Lowest Fares

The Lowest Fare resource retrieves the lowest fare for a specific origin & destination pair on a given date. The lowest fare can be searched across several airlines.

  • Return fares are available for Lufthansa, Swiss Airlines, and Austrian Airlines.
  • One-way and return fares are available for Germanwings/Eurowings.

In addition to the airline (=catalogue), you must provide the origin, destination & desired travel date in order to perform a fare search. If a return fare is required please also include the return date in the fare search query.

The number and type of travelers may also be provided e.g. (adult=2;child=1;infant=1). If no traveler information is provided a fare for one adult will be returned.

For Lufthansa, Germanwings, Swiss Airlines and Austrian Airlines only economy class fares are provided. If no cabin class is provided, economy class will be set as default for the fare search.

For Germanwings you may also provide a fare-family. If no fare-family is provided the BASIC fare family will be set as default.

For Germanwings, Swiss and Austrian Airlines we include a deep link to the respective airline's booking portal.

For details on how to create a deep link for Lufthansa please click here.

Request URI

Code snippet: Call

Variable Description Format
{catalogues} Fares catalogue to be searched, list of carriers separated by semi colon 2-character IATA airline designator code. ex: LH;OS;4U;LX
{origin} The departure airport. 3-letter IATA code, e.g. “FRA”.
{destination} The arrival airport. 3-letter IATA code, e.g. "JFK".
{travel-date} Outbound travel date yyyy-MM-dd. e.g. '2016-10-27'
{return-date} Return travel date yyyy-MM-dd e.g. '2016-11-09''
{cabin-class} Cabin Class Code (LX, LH, OS - only)
Cabin class: 'economy, 'premium_economy', 'business', 'first'
{travelers} Number of passengers of the corresponding type Two digit number
{fare-family} Fare Family (4U - only) String e.g. BASIC, SMARTFLEX, BEST, BESTFLEX, SMART.
{trackingid} Web tracking id for deep link (OS only) String e.g. "WEBApp_XYZ"
{country} Country Code 2 letter country code e.g. "DE"

Request Examples

One Way Fare Search (Germanwings only)

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Return Fare Search

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Response Structure Definition

Click here for further information on the response structure.