Customer Information


Retrieves CustomerInfo object for a customer. Needs an member alias to identify the customer. Done via POST request (in contrast to GET) because:

  • POST cannot be repeated as often as wanted if wrong PIN
  • PIN should be passed in body

Returned data depends on profile:

  • profile1 => fullcustinfo
  • profile2 => custinfo
  • profile3 => customer_info
  • profile4 => contact_custinfo

Data is returned according to profiletype (passed as query parameter).

  • Possible values for profiletype are: profile1, profile2, profile3, profile4

Another queryparameter can be withfraud.

  • Possible value is withfraud (withfraud information will be retrieved if this parameter is passed in request url)

Input parameters

The REST service has two input paths: GET and POST. The REST input consists of one path parameter and two query parameters. For POST request, pin passed in the body of the request.

Table 1. Input parameters REST
Name MaxL Java-Type Allowed values Conf. Remarks
memberAlias 16 Double valid M&M card number no path parameter, required.
profiletype 8 String profile1, profile2, profile3, profile4 no queryparameter, required
withfraud String "withfraud" no queryparameter, optional

The REST POST request has an input body in JSON format.

Table 2. Input parameters REST (POST body)
Name MaxL Java-Type Allowed values Conf. Remarks
pin 8 String [0-9]{5,8} yes

Where MaxL = Maximal Length and Conf. = Confidential

Request payload Model

Code snippet: Model
  pin (string, optional): pin for member Alias

Request payload Example

Code snippet: Json
  "pin": "string"

Request examples

Code snippet: Post request
  "pin": "99999"
Code snippet: Get request

Output parameters

The Online output parameters will be in JSON format.

Table 3. Output parameters REST
Name Type Max Length Allowed values Remarks
cardnumber Integer 16 (profile1, profile2)
focusid String 20 (profile1)
customernumber String 20 (profile1)
firstname String 15 (profile1, profile2, profile3, profile4)
middlename String 15 (profile1, profile2, profile3, profile4)
lastname String 31 YYYY-MM_DD (profile1, profile2, profile3, profile4)
academictitle String 38 (profile1, profile2, profile3, profile4)
nobilitytitle String 10 (profile1, profile2, profile4)
gender String 1 (profile1, profile2, profile4)
privateaddress_street String 38 (profile1)
privateaddress_locationarea String 38 (profile1)
privateaddress_bylane String 38 (profile1)
privateaddress_building String 38 (profile1)
privateaddress_postalcode String 12 (profile1)
privateaddress_city String 38 (profile1)
privateaddress_countrycode String 10 (profile1)
privateaddress_provincefedstate String 10 (profile1)
privateaddress_additionalline1 String 31 (profile1)
privateaddress_additionalline2 String 31 (profile1)
privateaddress_bounced Boolean (profile1)
privateaddress_phonenr String (profile1, profile4)
privateaddress_phoneBounced Boolean (profile1, profile4)
privateaddress_mobilenr String (profile1, profile4)
privateaddress_mobileBounced Boolean (profile1, profile4)
privateaddress_email String 200 (profile1, profile4)
privateaddress_emailBounced Boolean (profile1, profile4)
businessaddress_street String 38 (profile1)
businessaddress_postbox String 9 (profile1)
businessaddress_locationarea String 38 (profile1)
businessaddress_bylane String 38 (profile1)
businessaddress_building String 38 (profile1)
businessaddress_postalcode String 12 (profile1)
businessaddress_city String 38 (profile1)
businessaddress_countrycode String 10 (profile1)
businessaddress_provincefedstate String 10 (profile1)
businessaddress_additionalline1 String 31 (profile1)
businessaddress_additionalline2 String 31 (profile1)
businessaddress_bounced Boolean (profile1)
businessaddress_phonenr String (profile1, profile4)
businessaddress_phoneBounced Boolean (profile1, profile4)
businessaddress_mobilenr String (profile1, profile4)
businessaddress_mobileBounced Boolean (profile1, profile4)
businessaddress_email String 200 (profile1, profile4)
businessaddress_emailBounced Boolean (profile1, profile4)
remainingtotalpoints String 10 (profile1, profile2, profile3)
statusid String 4 INST,BASE, FTL, SEN, HON Code for the status Level, (profile1)
preferredlanguage String 2 Language code of the preferred language of the customer, as per attached list (Please contact MMG) (profile1)
overdraftcredit String 10 The overdraft credit the member will get according to the SAMBA rules, (profile1, profile2, profile3)
fraudsuspectstatus String 3 Numeric fraud status of the member (0-100), (profile1)
primaryaddress String 20 private,business,creditCard Type of Postal address, (profile1)
Table 4. REST output in case of failure
Name Type MaxL Allowed values Remarks
code Integer 10 Error code in case of error.
message String 255 Error message in case of error.

Where MaxL = Maximal Length

Response Model

Code snippet: Model
CustomerInfo {
  cardnumber (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2),
  focusid (string, optional): Focus id (profile 1),
  customernumber (string, optional): (profile 1),
  firstname (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2, profile 3, profile 4),
  middlename (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2, profile 3, profile 4),
  lastname (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2, profile 3, profile 4),
  academictitle (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2, profile 3, profile 4),
  nobilitytitle (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2, profile 4),
  gender (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2, profile 4),
  privateaddress_street (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_postbox (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_locationarea (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_bylane (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_building (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_postalcode (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_city (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_countrycode (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_provincefedstate (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_additionalline1 (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_additionalline2 (string, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_bounced (boolean, optional): (profile 1),
  privateaddress_phonenr (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  privateaddress_phoneBounced (boolean, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  privateaddress_mobilenr (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  privateaddress_mobileBounced (boolean, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  privateaddress_email (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  privateaddress_emailBounced (boolean, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  businessaddress_street (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_postbox (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_locationarea (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_bylane (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_building (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_postalcode (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_city (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_countrycode (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_provincefedstate (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_additionalline1 (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_additionalline2 (string, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_bounced (boolean, optional): (profile 1),
  businessaddress_phonenr (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  businessaddress_phoneBounced (boolean, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  businessaddress_mobilenr (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  businessaddress_mobileBounced (boolean, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  businessaddress_email (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  businessaddress_emailBounced (boolean, optional): (profile 1, profile 4),
  remainingtotalpoints (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2, profile 3),
  statusid (string, optional): (profile 1),
  preferredlanguage (string, optional): (profile 1),
  overdraftcredit (string, optional): (profile 1, profile 2, profile 3),
  fraudsuspectstatus (string, optional): (profile 1),
  primaryaddress (string, optional): (profile 1)

Response Example

Code snippet: Json
  "cardnumber": "string",
  "focusid": "string",
  "customernumber": "string",
  "firstname": "string",
  "middlename": "string",
  "lastname": "string",
  "academictitle": "string",
  "nobilitytitle": "string",
  "gender": "string",
  "privateaddress_street": "string",
  "privateaddress_postbox": "string",
  "privateaddress_locationarea": "string",
  "privateaddress_bylane": "string",
  "privateaddress_building": "string",
  "privateaddress_postalcode": "string",
  "privateaddress_city": "string",
  "privateaddress_countrycode": "string",
  "privateaddress_provincefedstate": "string",
  "privateaddress_additionalline1": "string",
  "privateaddress_additionalline2": "string",
  "privateaddress_bounced": true,
  "privateaddress_phonenr": "string",
  "privateaddress_phoneBounced": true,
  "privateaddress_mobilenr": "string",
  "privateaddress_mobileBounced": true,
  "privateaddress_email": "string",
  "privateaddress_emailBounced": true,
  "businessaddress_street": "string",
  "businessaddress_postbox": "string",
  "businessaddress_locationarea": "string",
  "businessaddress_bylane": "string",
  "businessaddress_building": "string",
  "businessaddress_postalcode": "string",
  "businessaddress_city": "string",
  "businessaddress_countrycode": "string",
  "businessaddress_provincefedstate": "string",
  "businessaddress_additionalline1": "string",
  "businessaddress_additionalline2": "string",
  "businessaddress_bounced": true,
  "businessaddress_phonenr": "string",
  "businessaddress_phoneBounced": true,
  "businessaddress_mobilenr": "string",
  "businessaddress_mobileBounced": true,
  "businessaddress_email": "string",
  "businessaddress_emailBounced": true,
  "remainingtotalpoints": "string",
  "statusid": "string",
  "preferredlanguage": "string",
  "overdraftcredit": "string",
  "fraudsuspectstatus": "string",
  "primaryaddress": "string"

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