This service retrieves status information about a customer.

Input parameters

Input is a single path parameter.

Table 1. Path Parameter of REST GET access
Name MaxL Java-Type Allowed values Conf. Remarks
memberAlias 15 String valid M&M card number no

Where MaxL = Maximal Length and Conf. = Confidential

Request example

Code snippet: URL

Output parameters

Table 2. Output of a successul REST GET access
Name MaxL Type Allowed values Remarks
mmAccountNumber 17 String the M&M account number
customerNumber 9 String the customer number
primaryMmCardNumber 16 String newest M&M card number
status 4 String "HON", "SEN", "FTL", "BASE", "INST" or blank
numberStars int number of stars
lastStarChangeDate 10 Date DD.MM.YYYY the most recent date the number of stars changed

Where MaxL = Maximal Length

Table 3. JSON output in case of failure
Name MaxL Type Allowed values Remarks
code 10 int Error code in case of error.
message 255 String Error message in case of error.

Where MaxL = Maximal Length

Response Model

Code snippet: Model

memberStatusResponse {
  mmAccountNumber (string, optional): the M&M Account Number,
  customerNumber (string, optional): the customer number,
  primaryMmCardNumber (string, optional): the primary M&M card number of the given account,
  status (string, optional): the customer status,
  numberStars (integer, optional): number of stars,
  lastStarChangeDate (string, optional): the most recent date the number of stars changed

Response Example

Code snippet: Json

  "mmAccountNumber": "string", 
  "customerNumber": "string", 
  "primaryMmCardNumber": "string", 
  "status": "string", 
  "numberStars": 0, 
  "lastStarChangeDate": "string" 

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