Welcome at the Lufthansa Group Open API initiative!

With the Open API we do want to express our commitment to open up data silos for solutions in/outside of our group!

As you can read in a latter part here, we are striving hard extend data provisioning and love to here back from you! Lufthansa Group has multiple subsidiaries and we are talking with nearly all of them to open up but are as well trying to ensure consistency for you in regards to data offering.

What to expect here:

  • Data types
  • Data Plans and registration
  • Kick back model and partner types
  • Roadmap

Data types

To give you a short overview of what we are actually offering:

  • Reference data about Aircrafts, Airlines, Airports, Countries and Cities (not Lufthansa group specific)
  • Offers contains fare, availability and deep link information for Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa
  • Offers also contains airport lounge information for Lufthansa Group and seat map details from Lufthansa
  • Operations contains flight status information from Austrian Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa and Swiss Airways
  • Operations also contains schedule information for Lufthansa

Our documentation gives you access to all the data and formats.

Data plans

For us plans are more a data restriction than a volume one.

Currently we have 2 plans and both are free of charge!

  • Open plan (reference data, operation data, seatmap information
  • Partner plan (fare, deeplink data)

For the open plan following restrictions do apply. If your solution is hitting these limits, reach out to us to discuss an increase!

  • 6 calls per second
  • 1000 calls per hour

Additionally you might encounter new plans that we open up for hackathons or similar events but these are just temporarily available.

Register here for the open plan.

For access to to the partner plan please complete this form in advance.

Compensation model and partners

With the partner plan we want to attract B2C (no travel tech) services without IATA OTA designator, and that do not provide services similar to actual meta searcher.

In line with the existing affiliate marketing model we have a compensation scheme for Lufthansa bookings made via the deep-links provided.


As 2017 marks the start of the partner model for us, we are akin to further deepen the integration possibilities with our goal to have booking capability, further inventory and ticket servicing on the API. Additionally we are also working on data from Miles and More and Lufthansa Cargo to be available here.

Stay tuned for more to come.