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  • First Steps
  • New to our API! This guide will help you to do the first steps, lead you to year first calls and to further documentation for your own REST client

Retrieve your Token!

Our API uses OAuth2 to authorize requests. Before making requests to the API, verify your credentials with our token end-point. This will return a bearer token to use on your API calls.

Time to Play!

With our API Playground you are able to create your first calls, check the responses and build the reference URIs for your own clients!

Hacks, GitHub, Stackoverflow!

As soon as any hack participation is fixed we will post it here plus some helpful links to our Github and Stackoverflow accounts! Looking forward to see you there!

Feedback or missing something?

If you have any feeback or are missing some data, do find an explanation unclear, please let us kniw. We fully appreciate your contact and will come back asap!

Social Media!

Follow our twitter handle for news/updates/issues and other #APIEconomy updates ! #Kranichdata


Javascript / jQuery

You can quickly power your application with our JavaScript/jQuery snippets to develop around our current services. After registering and receiving your API key, you can include the services in minutes.

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Swagger Definition

Are you a fan of Swagger? Here you find our actual Swagger on Github! We are commited to keep the definition updated and do love to receive feedback of you implementation.

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PHP is your choice? Of course, we have snippets for you available as well. Those are available for reference data, schedule, flight status, and seatmap.

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