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Getting Started

It's simple to start working with our API. Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Sign in to Mashery
  2. Apply for an application key
  3. Try the API

Sign in to Mashery

If you already have a Mashery ID you can sign in, otherwise register as a new user. This user ID will identify you as a developer. It can be used to access other APIs hosted on Mashery, not only ours.

Apply for an application key

To use our API you must first register an application and apply for a key. You will be given two values: a key and a secret. These can be exchanged for a short-lived access token. A valid access token must be sent with every request. 

You may register more than one application or ask for many keys for a single application but, to get started, one application with one key will suffice.

Subscribing to our Public Plan will allow you to make a limited number of requests to the API. This should be sufficient to explore the API and its contents. Once you develop an application for serious use, contact us so that we can raise your call quota.

Try the API

Once you have a key and secret you can try our services on the API Playground (io/docs). This is an easy way to build requests and view responses without writing any code.

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