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Seat Details

Seat characteristics for an aircraft type.

Request URI

Code snippet: Call

GET /references/seatdetails/{aircraftCode}/{cabinCode}
Variable Description Format
{aircraftCode} Aircraft type. 3-character IATA equipment code
{cabinCode} Class of service.
Use M, E, C and F for economy, premium economy, business class and first class
lang Language code of characterics description 2-letter ISO 3166-1 language code

Request Examples

Code snippet: Call

GET /references/seatdetails/388/C
GET /references/seatdetails/388/C?lang=DE
GET /´╗┐references/seatdetails/744?lang=DE

Response Structure

Key Description
SeatResource Root element of the auto check-in response.
..SeatDetails Seat information
.....UOM Unit of measure
.....SeatPitchLow Seat pitch
.....SeatWidthLow Seat width
.....SeatRecline Seat Recline
.....SeatReclineType Seat Recline definition
..CabinType Cabin information
...Code Class of service
..AircraftSummary Aircraft type information
...AirlineEquipCode Aircraft Equipment Code
Element specifying links.
@Href Link to actual a resource.
@Rel Specifying kind of link such as ‘self’ (link that returned this response), ‘alternate’ (link that points to another resource) or ‘related’ (link that points to related resource).

Response Example

Code snippet: XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SeatResource> <Seats> <Seat> <SeatDetails> <Details> <Size> <UOM>INCH</UOM> <SeatPitchLow>64</SeatPitchLow> <SeatWidthLow>20</SeatWidthLow> <SeatRecline ReclineType="absolute">180.0</SeatRecline> </Size> </Details> </SeatDetails> <CabinType> <Code>C</Code> </CabinType> <AircraftSummary> <AirlineEquipCode>747-400</AirlineEquipCode> </AircraftSummary> </Seat> <Seat> <SeatDetails> <Details> <Size> <UOM>INCH</UOM> <SeatPitchLow>38</SeatPitchLow> <SeatWidthLow>19</SeatWidthLow> <SeatRecline ReclineType="relative">18.05</SeatRecline> </Size> </Details> </SeatDetails> <CabinType> <Code>E</Code> </CabinType> <AircraftSummary> <AirlineEquipCode>747-400</AirlineEquipCode> </AircraftSummary> </Seat> <Seat> <SeatDetails> <Details> <Size> <UOM>INCH</UOM> <SeatPitchLow>31</SeatPitchLow> <SeatWidthLow>17.1</SeatWidthLow> <SeatRecline ReclineType="relative">12.6</SeatRecline> </Size> </Details> </SeatDetails> <CabinType> <Code>M</Code> </CabinType> <AircraftSummary> <AirlineEquipCode>747-400</AirlineEquipCode> </AircraftSummary> </Seat> </Seats> <Meta Version="1.0.0"> <Link Href="https://api.lufthansa.com/v1/references/seatDetails/744/?lang=DE" Rel="self"/> </Meta> </SeatResource>

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