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Fares Subscriptions

Use the fares subscription to register a subscription for the only Lufthansa best fares notification service. You provide the origin, destination and trip duration along with an email address, and you will receive regular fares notifications for your journey. The email notifications will be sent weekly with the latest best fares.

Request URI

Code snippet: URL

Variable Description Format
{origin} The departure airport. 3-letter IATA airport/city code, e.g. “FRA”.
{destination} The arrival airport. 3-letter IATA airport/code, e.g. "JFK".
{trip-duration} Trip Duration in days number of days e.g. '7'
{cabin-class} Cabin Class Code Cabin class: 'M = Economy', 'E = Premium Econony', 'C = Business', 'F = First'
{email} email address passenger@host.com
{lang} language code '2 letter language code e.g.'en'
{country} Country Code 2 letter country code e.g. "DE"
{trackingid} Tracking Parameter string

Request Examples

Best Fare Search (draft to be finalised)

Code snippet: Call

Request Structure Definition (TBD)

Key Description
SubscriptionResponse Root element of subcription response.
.SubscriptionStatus Status of the subscription request
.Meta Container for meta links.
..Link[] Use the links to access further detail related to the notified message
@Href Link to actual a resource.
@Rel Specifying kind of link such as ‘self’ (link that returned this response), ‘alternate’ (link that points to another resource) or ‘related’ (link that points to related resource).

Response Examples

Code snippet: XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Meta Version="1.0.0">
    <Link Href="https://chbbatscsoa01:9895/fares_v1.1.0/subscriptions?trip-duration=5&email=alan.crawford@hpe.com&origin=FRA&.........>

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