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Flight Status by Route

Retrieve the status of flights between two airports on a given date. The available date range is from yesterday until 5 days in the future. At most the first 80 matching flights will be returned. It supports cargo or passenger or both flight types, by default it provides passenger flights only.

Request URI

Code snippet: Call

GET /operations/flightstatus/route/{origin}/{destination}/{date}?serviceType={serviceType}
Variable Description Format
{origin} Departure airport.
3 letter IATA airport code, e.g. “FRA”
{destination} Arrival airport.
3 letter IATA airport code
{date} Departure date in the local time of the departure airport.
Supported dates: yesterday until 5 days in the future.

optional - ServiceType to retrieve cargo or passenger or both flights. default - passenger. 

enum: {all, passenger, cargo}
limit Query parameter: the number of items to return (page size) integer (max 100)
offset Query parameter: the index of the item with which this result set should begin integer

Example Request

Code snippet: Call

GET /operations/flightstatus/route/FRA/ZRH/2014-11-01

Response Structure

Please see Flight Status Response

ServiceType to retrieve cargo, passenger or both flights.

For example: all or Passenger or Cargo

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