A directory of all available countries. You can retrieve the full set or details of one particular country. Not all languages are available for all countries but these codes are always supported; de, en, fr, es, it.

Request URIs

Code snippet: Call

GET /references/countries
GET /references/countries/{countryCode}[?lang={languageCode}]
Variable Description Format
{countryCode} Optionally return only this country. 2-letter ISO 3166-1 country code, e.g. “DE”.
{languageCode} Optionally return the country name in only this language. If not present, all languages will be in the response. 2-letter ISO 639-1 language code, e.g. “EN”.

Request Examples

Code snippet: Call

GET /references/countries
GET /references/countries/DE
GET /references/countries/DE?lang=EN

Response Structure Definition

Key Description
CountryResource Root element of country response.
.Countries Container for country elements.
..Country[] Array of all available countries or one country matching the request.
...CountryCode 2-letter ISO 3166-1 country code, e.g. “DE”.
...ZoneCode Continent code, possible values:
AFR (Africa)
ANT (Antarctica)
ASI (Asia)
AUS (Australia)
EUR (Europe)
MEA (Middle East)
NAM (North America)
OCE (Pacific Ocean)
SAM (South America)
...Names Container for country full names.
....Name[] Array: language specific full name of country.
@LanguageCode 2-letter ISO 639-1 language code for the corresponding item.
.Meta Container for meta links.
@Href Link to actual a resource.
@Rel Specifying kind of link such as ‘self’ (link that returned this response), ‘alternate’ (link that points to another resource) or ‘related’ (link that points to related resource).

Response Example

Code snippet: XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <Name LanguageCode="de">Deutschland</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="fi">Germany</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="ru">Germany</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="pt">Alemanha</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="ko">독일</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="en">Germany</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="hr">Njemačka</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="it">Germania</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="fr">Allemagne</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="hu">Germany</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="es">Alemania</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="ka">Germany</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="ja">Germany</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="sl">Germany (sl)</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="mi">Germany</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="pl">Niemcy</Name>
        <Name LanguageCode="nl">Duitsland</Name>
  <Meta Version="1.0.0">
    <Link Href="" Rel="self"/>

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