A directory of all available airlines. You can retrieve the full set or details of one particular airline.

Request URIs

Code snippet: Call

GET /references/airlines
GET /references/airlines/{airlineCode}
Variable Description Format
{airlineCode} Optionally return only this airline. 2-character IATA airline designator code, e.g. “LH”.

Request Examples

Code snippet: Call

GET /references/airlines
GET /references/airlines/UA

Response Structure Definition

Key Description
AirlineResource Root element of airlines response.
.Airlines Container for airline elements.
..Airline[] Array of all available airlines or one airline matching the request.
...OtherIDs Container for additional supplier identification such as federal tax IDs or registry entries.
....OtherID[] Array: other identification unique identifier, e.g. “13-015576”, “50014517”.
@Description Other identification description, e.g. “Federal Tax ID”.
...AirlineID 2-character IATA airline code, e.g. “LH”.
...AirlineID_ICAO 3-letter ICAO airline code, e.g. "DLH".
...Names Container for airline full names.
....Name[] Array: language specific airline name, e.g. “Lufthansa”.
@LanguageCode 2-letter ISO 639-1 language code for the corresponding item.
.Meta Container for meta links.
@Href Link to actual a resource.
@Rel Specifying kind of link such as ‘self’ (link that returned this response), ‘alternate’ (link that points to another resource) or ‘related’ (link that points to related resource).

Response Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <OtherID Description="Short Name">LUFTHANSA</OtherID>
        <Name LanguageCode="EN">Lufthansa</Name>
  <Meta Version="1.0.0">
    <Link Href="" Rel="self"/>

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