Reference Data

Referencedata provides access to retrieve list or specific record of Aircrafts,Airlines,Airports,Cities and Countries resources.

  • Aircfaft Resource : List of aircrafts or perticular aircraft for provided aircraft code with equipment code(s).
  • Airlines Resource : List of airlines or perticular airline for provided airline code with name(s) and carrier code(s).
  • Airports Resource : List of airports or perticular airport for provided airports code with name(s) and GPS location.
  • Cities Resource : List of cities or perticular city for provided city code with name(s), country code(s) and local airport(s).
  • Countries Resource : List of countries or perticular country for provided country code with name(s) and country code(s).
  • Seat Resource : List of seat types for provided aircraft code.

The services returning reference data feature two optional request parameters:

  • Offset describing what will be the first element to be returned. The very first element has the index 0. This is also the default value for offset.
  • Limit describing how many elements will be returned. This defaults to 20. The maximim limit is 100.

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