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The fares resource provides access to airline published fares. Fares can be searched per origin and destination for a given date.

All responses do have a deep link to the respective e-commerce portals shopping baskets incorporated. For LH.com please check the details for further information on the type of deep link.


The lowest fare resource retrieves the lowest fares for a specific Origin & Destination pair on a given dates.

BestPrice Lowestfares: LH.com based lowest fare search for a fixed date.


Use the Best Fares resource to retrieve the best fare per day or per month for the requested journey.

BestPrice Bestfares: LH.com based best fare search. You wil get the best fare per day (max 30 days in the future) or per month(max. 12 month in the future. No airline catalog necessary as the information is sourced over all airlines on lh.com

Fares Subscription

see the fares subscription to register a subscription for best fares notification service.

Deep Links

Use the deep link service to generate valid deep links to the Lufthansa booking process. For Lufthansa there are two types of deep links:

  • ITCO: Flight segment(s) and fare types and the user just has to just add them to the shopping basket.
  • FFP: Flight segment(s) are selected but user has to choose the fare type to add them to the shopping basket.


The OND resource provides access to origin and destination airline route information.

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