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Lufthansa Open API provides a push notification service that lets you monitor changes to predefined resources. You can use this feature to improve the performance of your application and avoid the overhead of polling resources to determine if they have changed.

It is not intended that individual members of the public (end user mobile devices) connect directly to the notification service. The service will only be made available to application processes which operate as service concentrators and distribute the data to consumers themselves. For example, an application which pushes flight updates to mobile devices.

Additionally, only change notifications are published without any business information. As an example, if a flight gets a new gate, a notification about a gate change will be published, but you then need to call respective flight status resource to get the new gate number. To faciliate the subsequent call, a link to the resource will be provided in the pushed notification.

Notifications are implemented with MQTT (Message Queing Telemetry Transport). MQTT is a simple and lightweight messaging protocol for M2M communication.

MQTT allows you to subscribe to the topics you are interested in.

Follow these steps to implement notification

  1. Obtain JWT and clientID from new Certificate Manager API. Click Here to know more.
  2. Connect to Akamai MQTT Broker using above JWT and clientID. Click Here to know more.
  3. Subscribe to the topics you are interested in.

If you need an MQTT Client for testing and playing around, we suggest to use:  https://mqttfx.jensd.de/

Note: If you are existing user, then please note that we are migrating underlying broker from AWS IoT to Akamai IoT Edge Connect. AWS Broker will be decommisioned early 2023. please click here for migration guide.

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