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Use the deep link service to generate valid deep links to  portal booking process. The API will construct a correctly formatted deep link with all the necessary parameter encryption to the booking engine of respective Lufthansa Hub Airlines.

This service accepts same search parameters and same encryption logic for all the Lufthansa Hub Airlines. Hence the target URL alone would be different for each Airlines. Below target URLs would be used to generate deeplinks specific to airlines based on search parameters.

The target URL for the deeplink is tenant specific as follows:

  • LH:
  • LX:
  • OS:
  • SN:

FFP Deep Links - Shopping Links Search

FFP deep links will lead you/your customer to the flight selection screen in respective Lufthansa Hub Airlines websites.

FFP Request URI

Code snippet: URL

FFP input parameters

{airlineCode} Airline Code - LH, LX, OS, SN 2 letter airline Code of Lufthansa Hub Airline
{originCode} Origin airport/city code - Mandatory 3-letter IATA code, e.g. “FRA”.
{destinationCode} Destination airport/city code - Mandatory 3-letter IATA code, e.g. "MUC".
{travelDate} Outbound travel date - Mandatory yyyy-MM-dd. e.g. '2016-10-27'
{returnDate} Return travel date - Optional yyyy-MM-dd. e.g. '2016-10-27'
{cabinClass} Cabin Class Code - Optional Cabin class: 'economy', 'premium_economy', 'business', first'
{travelers} Optional - Number of passengers of the corresponding type - Optional (adult=1 will be used as default) Two digit number
{partnerId} Partner identification - Optional integer e.g.1071
{encryptionKey} Encryption key - Optional AES key
{partnerName} Name of partner - Optional alpha numeric string e.g. 'MYDummyID'
{languageCode} Language code - Mandatory 2 letter language code e.g. "DE"
{countryCode} Country code - Mandatory 2 letter country code e.g. "DE"

Request Examples

Code snippet: Call
Response Structure Definition:

deepLinkResponse Root element
..deepLink[] Array repeat for each deeplink
...@id Unique id 
...@type Type of link. Format: "booking-<AirlineCode in small case>". Example: "booking-lh"
...@link Encrypted booking deeplink for provided sensitive data.

Response Examples

 "deepLinkResponse": {
    "deepLinks": {
      "deepLink": {
        "@id": "c1c81679500052b0",
        "@type": "booking-lh",
        "@link": ";Language=en&amp;Country=de&amp;ENC=86bd58eedeffeda1d5bab325236fa77d2f3e40bd7344e4153636149e99558bb1ad68df08f59d110f75bcb7a4ff42d5ffa17eff0301b68d6fbbe831c14fa0a7afebff0e3fb4474a3bee79cddcaae93f21567ea26126bdbef06c5dfe97eeaf08d625cb4c8b077063e74051d42faacf72dc8c68dc91d0e7ef043059d93b7761ebd181e01b9c2e8da56833684ec22338de875f64173bf20c276a1259f7282920405573172dfc9656930f3cfe03c278af784f85d44d40522a51dd170e75bbd10eefad93686c349c25d66de1ad7bfb7fcce1fe&amp;dwmwr=utm_medium%3Dfse%26utm_source%3DKayak%26utm_term%3DKayak%26utm_campaign%3Dlh_de_en_fra-mad_desktop"

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