Price Offer

Return trip best price. Depending on the selection option, this resource may return the best price for a fixed travel duration or best price for the exact travel date.

Request URI

Code snippet: Call

GET /promotions/priceoffers/ond/{origin}/{destination}
Variable Description Format
{origin} Departure city code 3-letter IATA city code

Destination city code

3-letter IATA city code

departureDate Departure date


returnDate Return date YYYY-MM-DD
service amadeusBestPrice for best price for given trip duration. If not provide, best price for exact match for requested travel dates. text

Request Examples

Code snippet: Call

GET /promotions/priceoffers/flights/ond/FRA/ROM?departureDate=2016-10-01&returnDate=2016-10-02&service=amadeusBestPrice
GET /promotions/priceoffers/flights/ond/FRA/ROM?departureDate=2016-10-01&returnDate=2016-10-02 

Response Structure

Key Description
origin Departure city
destination Destination city
departureDate Departure date for the best offer (may not be the same as in request)
returnDate Return date for the best offer (same duration as in request)
seatAvailability Number of available seats
price Price information
.amount Price amount
.currency Price currency

Service name:

  • amadeusBestPrice searches the best price for the same travel duration within the next few months
  • ExactMatch (default when not entered) searches the best prices for the requested travel dates
uuid Transaction code

Response Example

Code snippet: XML