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FlightOps/Crew API Method Details

After successful registration via the FlightOps API registration form, you will be entitled to use the FlightOps/Crew API which currently contains the following services:

Crew Check-In Times

Contains time events relevant for the crew check-in

Crew Lists

Provides information about the crew of a specified flight

Duty Events

Duty plan events for logged in crew member for a given period in time

Flight Leg Details

Details of a specific flight leg

Landing Report

Landing report for a logged-in crew member

Crew Hotel Information

Information about the crew hotel at a certain layover station.

Simulator Crewlist

Provides the crewlist for a simulator event

Common Weather Service

Airport weather for a specific station

Crew Rotation (preview only!)

Detailed information about one or more rotations



Note: You must get an authorization token from a special Lufthansa Crew OAuth2 Server in order to use these services! Login to this server is only possible for actual Lufthansa Crew members. For developers, a mock version of the API is available, however.

Details on the service definitions can be found here.

You can register for the FlightOps/Crew API using the registration form here.

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