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Flight Status at Arrival Airport

Retrieve the status of all flights arriving at a specific airport within a given time range which is set to 4 hours by default starting from time value quoted within fromDateTime input parameter.
The permitted range for flights returned is from yesterday until 5 days in the future in 4 hours ranges. At most 80 flights will be returned.

Various metalinks can be used to switch to previousRange 4 hours period or nextRange 4 hours period.

It supports cargo or passenger or both flight types, by default it provides passenger flights only.

Request URI

Code snippet: Call

GET /operations/flightstatus/arrivals/{airportCode}/{fromDateTime}?serviceType={serviceType}
Variable Description Format
{airportCode} Retrieve the status of flights arriving at this airport. 3 letter IATA airport code, e.g. “FRA”
{fromDateTime} Retrieve flights arriving after this time. yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm
{serviceType} optional - ServiceType to retrieve cargo or passenger or both flights. default - passenger.  enum: {all, passenger, cargo}
limit query parameter: The number of items to return (page size) integer (max 100)
offset query parameter: The index of the item with which this result set should begin integer

Example Request

Code snippet: Call

GET /operations/flightstatus/arrivals/FRA/2016-12-20T08:00?limit=40&offset=20

Response Structure

Please see Flight Status Response

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