Token Endpoint

The endpoint for requesting access tokens by each client (in exchange for an authorization grant, e.g. code or refresh token)


POST https://.../oauth/token

Header Attributes:

  • Authorization: credentials of the client identified by the client_id. Basic scheme to be used, where the value is a Base64 encoded string consisting of: {client_id}:{client_secret}
  • Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Body Parameters (note that parameters sent as query parameters are not accepted by the OA2 server):

  • grant_type: Used grant type, e.g. authorization_code
  • client_id: A unique identification of the client application (package key), which is assigned during application registration. The value must be equal to the one provided in the authorization request.
  • redirect_uri: A URI that will be called after the authentication and the authorization steps are done. The value must be equal to the one provided in the authorization request.
  • code: The authorization code as received from the Authorization Endpoint.
  • code_verifier:

Note: The "userLang" used to call the backend systems is taken from out of the client "Accept-Language"-Header.


Code Description Content-Type Schema
200 The OAuth2 server accepted the request and generated an Access Token (and possibly a Refresh Token). application/json Token Response
The OAuth2 server rejected the request and generated an Error Response. application/json Error Response

Token Response

Field Description
access_token The access token to be used for further backend calls
token_type The token type e.g. bearer
refresh_token The refresh token to refresh the sessions
expires_in The time until the access_token expires (in seconds)
scope The scopes the access_token can be used for

Error Response (Example)

Code snippet: Json
  "error_description": "The grant type is not supported for the given client_id.",
  "error": "unsupported_grant_type"
Field Description

The description what the reason of the error was

error The error code e.g. unsupported_grant_type
Error Description
unsupported_grant_type If the grant type is not support for a client id
service_unavailable If the maintenance mode is active
invalid_request If parameter has not been applied correctly
invalid_grant If an error occurred during the mashery call
invalid_client If an error occurred during the mashery call



Code snippet: Example request


Code snippet: Example response
  "access_token": "adsfasdfaddsfnbwert345124",
  "token_type": "bearer",
  "refresh_token": "1324jrasv0q143k5rjasd09q4",
  "expires_in": 3599,
  "scope": ""

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