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Booking Servicing Deeplinks

Booking Servicing Deeplinks describes the fuctionality to get encrypted booking servicing Deeplinks.

This operation creates the encryption of sensitive data and provide as orders (PNR or ticket number) with encrypted booking servicing deep links to align with GDPR requirements for any mobile or web or chatbot use cases.

This service accepts same search parameters and same encryption logic for all the Lufthansa Hub Airlines. Hence the target URL alone would be different for each Airlines. Below target URLs would be used to generate deeplinks specific to airlines based on search parameters.

The target URL for the deeplink is tenant specific as follows:

  • LH: https://www.lufthansa.com/deeplink/partner
  • LX: https://www.swiss.com/deeplink/partner
  • OS: https://www.austrian.com/deeplink/partner
  • SN: https://partner.brusselsairlines.com/deeplink/partner

Request URI

POST https://api.lufthansa.com/v2/customer-deeplinks/servicing-links/booking
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
POST ParameterDescriptionFormatMandatory/optional
airlineCode Airline code - LH,OS,LX,SN. Example: airlineCode=OS.
2-character IATA airline designator code. Mandatory
fileKey PNR/Booking reference value. String Mandatory
firstName customer first name String Optional
lastName customer last name / surname String Mandatory
page Page name as defined by Amadeus String Mandatory
partnerId Id of the partner as defined between Lufthansa and the partner. encryptionKey is Mandatory if partnerId is passed String Optional
encryptionKey Encryption Key. partnerId is Mandatory if encryptionKey is passed String Optional
countryCode Country Code String Mandatory
languageCode language code with 2 character. Example: languageCode=de String Mandatory

Request Example

https://api.lufthansa.com/v2/customer-deeplinks/servicing-links/booking HTTP/1.1 
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Response Structure Definition:

deepLinkResponse Root element
..deepLink[] Array repeat for each deeplink
...@id Unique id 
...@type Type of link. Format: "servicing-<AirlineCode in small case>". Example: "servicing-lh"
...@link Encrypted booking deeplink for provided sensitive data.

Resposne Example :

JSON Response :

  "deepLinkResponse": {
    "deepLinks": {
      "deepLink": {
        "@id": "f532a89d8d6017eb",
        "@type": "servicing-lh",
        "@link": "https://www.lufthansa.com/deeplink/partner?partnerId=13701&amp;Language=en&amp;Country=de&amp;ENC=0b5e657dee00f314fc76bef26e754fbcc38ce8a83e62bc4e60d40a2b5dfc1ef87d3a94dfe544472325cda8830321f55cd023ab226e393881c631642842c7212a569f41fd4ac7da9e42af68b403ff4778"

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